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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Biocompatible flexible polymer alloys based on polyesters from renewable resources for mass- consumer applications involving contact with human fluids and tissues


The massive consumption of crude fossil fuel both as energy source and as raw material supply result indeed in environmental penalties incompatible with the concept of sustainable growth in a modern society. In this context, production of fine chemicals through their natural synthesis by fermentation of excess agricultural products or agro-industrial sub-products is a very appealing alternative compared to their conventional production from petrochemical sources. In particular, the synthesis from natural resources of polymers which could be blended to Poly (vinyl chloride), PVC, for production of polymer alloys with properties comparable to elasticised PVC grades, thus leading to a total replacement of phthalate PVC elasticises nowadays heavily contested from both medical and environmental points of view specially in highly-demanding applications such as blood and plasma bags, medical tubing or toys, will be an extremely successful development due to the very high volumes of productions involved and the resulting safety improvement for these highly-demanding applications, and it constitutes the overall objective of the present project.

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