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Chicken image : improvement of chicken immunity and resistance to disease based upon analysis of gene expression


The chicken is the most important source of animal proteins of humans. The poultry indoor- story is facing increasing problems due to the emergence of more virulent forms of path- ovens causing much diseases and mortality in commercial flocks. Moreover, modifications in poultry feeding have currently disastrous repercussions. Therefore amelioration of the quality of food and derivative products will be a major challenge of the next century and one of the most urgent requirements of European citizens. This project aims to create a new generation of tools for avian immunology in the EU, by building a data base of expression profiles for a large set of chicken genes expressed in various types of imp- mane tissues, at different stages of diseases development, and with significant function in regulation of both innate and adaptive arms of the immune system. These resources will be unique and will represent a comprehensive knowledge base of great importance. It will contribute to decrease the losses in flocks through mortality and reduced product quail- tee due to diseases, by increasing the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of the

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