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New strategies for sustainable production of brassica crops in integrated and organic systems


There are increasing health and environmental concerns amongst consumers within the Unrewarding the use of pesticides in commercial horticulture. The EU organic retail market currently accounts for approximately 2% of the total food market; recent estimates are for this to increase to 7-8% by 2002. EU organic basic production is currently small scale and generally markets are local to the supply base. In order to meet increasing demand current growing and marketing techniques will need to be refined. The main aim of the project is to useinnovatie strategies compatible with EEC Rag No. 2092/91, to combat the major pest, disease and nutritional problems currently faced in organic production. Use these techniques will extend availability of organically produced basics by the SME proposes to meet increasing consumer demand within the EU. Where applicable these strategies will also be trailed in integrated production systems to enable further reductions in pesticide use.

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