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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Isolation and characterization of the POLYHAIR gene from Arabidopsis


Water absorption and mineral uptake are displayed by roots. To this end, root hairs play a key role as they contribute to increase the exchange surface between plant and soil. The analysis of root hairs patterning and root epidermis development in general, appears critical to improve plant feeding. POLYHAIR is an important regulator of radial pattern in the Arabidopsis root. PLYy mutants were identified in a screen for mutants that produced too many root hairs.

Phenotypic characterisation indicated that the additional hairs observed on ply roots develop on sub-epidermal cells located in the position of cortical cells. ply mutations are recessive suggesting that PLY may be a negative regulator of epidermal development in cells located in the cortical position. The ability to isolate recombinants in the viciny of ply from a large segregating population will be used to map ply and the isolation of a subset of recombinants will allow defining and isolating PLY.


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1999/C 64/13
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Norwich Research Park, Colney
United Kingdom

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