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Rapid antibiotic detection for illegal and unlicensed substances in animal feedingstuffs


In the EU, human health concerns have resulted in the antibiotic growth promoter’s avoparcin, spraying, tylosin, virginiamycin and zinc backtracking being banned from use in animal feeding stuffs. Existing "Community methods of analysis" are microbiologically based, non-specific, susceptible to feed component interference and unsuitable for effective policing of the ban. New screening and confirmatory tests are required. Firstly, immunoassay dipstick tests will be developed. Using the novel idea of antiidiotype monoclonal antis era as surrogate legends, carbon labelled monoclonal antis era, raised to each drug, will be employed in a competitive assay format resulting in robust, reliable & highly specific assays, less susceptible to interference than previous immune- or microbiological assays. Secondly mass spectrometric confirmatory techniques will be developed, allowing unequivocal identification/quantification of each antibiotic. Collaborative testing will establish their usefulness as definitive EUmethods of analysis. This twin-track approach will facilitate the effective implementation of EU policy.

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