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Development of an environment-friendly f1 hybrid breeding technology


F1 hybrid is a proven-breeding tool since it gives crops better yield and natural protection of breeder's rights. It relies on parental homozygosity and, in most crops, reversible male sterility. The former ensures the uniformity of the hybrid crops, the latter allows large-scale hybrid seed production without emasculation. Instead of repeated self-pollination, a rapid way to reach 100% homozygosity is through microspore embryogenesis followed by chromosome doubling to produce doubled haploid (DH) plants. Unfortunately, this is only feasible in a few crops and cannot combine with male sterile system. As a multidisciplinary consortium, HybTech will use in vivo metabolic starvation to establish a widely applicable breeding technology that can combine reversible male sterility and production odd plants. It will provide a rapid way to generate new Fl varieties without releasing transgenic pollen to the environment.

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