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Water intelligent and sustainable management


The industrial objective is to develop an orchard irrigation management package enabling fruit farmers to irrigate optimally, minimise pollution of ground waters, and reduce water consumption. The technical objective is to use both parameters from plant and soil conditions and the microclimate parameters. The package will consist of. Plant, soil and climate measuring system. Data generating system. Set point generating system. Valve actuating system Expected results: Up to 25% increment of irrigation efficiency. Up to 15% reduction of the salt and solute load in the leaching. Up to 15% increment of product quality and uniformity. Up to 15% reduction at the agro-chemicals pollution of groundwater's and aquifers. The prime propose of the project is PROGRES S.A. a Spanish SME manufacturing irrigation control systems for the fruit sector. "The second propose is the Israeli SME NET AFIM, a drip irrigation equipment manufacturer and fruit farmer. As a third propose the Spanish fruit farmer HUFOSA participates. The consortium will consist of 2 or 3 more fruit farmers, and 3 RTD perfumers.

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