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Development of a novel, low cost, easy to use instrument to estimate composition in live animals based in measurements of backfat, loin eye muscle area and intramuscular fat


Current methods used by slaughtering plants to calculate the value of livestock before they are sacrificed do not establish any difference between animal corporal compositions. Given that payment to the cattle dealer is based on carcass characteristics, mainly weight and composition or lean distribution, there is a need within the livestock industry to predict with objective precision the carcass composition in living animals as an alternative tithe traditional method. Various works has been carried out in order to prove the strong correlation between fat measurements, loin eye muscle area or intramuscularly fat and composition in market animas. Researchers and large food processing companies are already using various expensive and specialised measuring equipment currently available within the industry. The proposed RTD work will develop a reliable measuring instrument, at a cost that makes it a realistic alternative for Sees within the livestock industry. Producers of breeding stocks will be in a position to identify animals with traits that produce superior merit and carcass value. They will be able to raise an optimally grown animal and maximise the yield grade. Furthermore, they will be able to make superior feeding an

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