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Development of a easy-to-use method for wood quality assessment on standing trees and freshly logged timber.


In modern industries quality assessment of production and products is well established. In Contrast to this, forest trees are - in terms of wood quality still a "black box". Trees are selected by visual assessment only, thus forestproduct: ion cannot predict wood quality. The objective of an envisaged stage project is the development of an easy-to-use technique for inspection of trees to derive reliable data on wood quality. Currently available tree assessment devices shall be improved and a "green-moisture-meter" shall be developed to receive working prototype for cost-efficient and easy-to-use wood quality assessment in the forest. This will enhance forest quality management and improve sustainability in European forestry. Furthermore it will be of economical benefit for rural areas, and commercialisation of this technique/ device will open new markets for tree assessment devices and be of positive impact for the whole forestry wood chain.

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