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Higher yield with brand new oyster mushroom substrate


The aim of this project is to develop a totally new substrate for growing oyster mushrooms. Current substrates lead to low yield and unstable quality and quantity of oyster mushrooms. Within the whole EU growers are facing this problem and lots of them quit their production. The new substrate will be based on a brand new production process and different components will be used. Until now nobody has succeeded before. With joint effort and with the help of CTB, market leader as producer of Shih Take substrates, the SME proposes are convinced that this time a suitable solution will be found. Besides the whole EU taking the benefits of this, the EU will also improve her market position compared to the USA and Canada; both countries have already started up similar R&D projects. About 6 different growers will join this project to make sure those sufficient different growing techniques; climate conditions and mushrooms varieties are taken into account.

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