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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Composts with mycorrhizal infection capacity of plant roots


Techniques for production of composts with mycorrhizal infection capacity are developed (MycoCompost). Focus is directed to maintain the mycorrhizae already present in biodegradable waste during the composting process, however, improved products are also developed by inoculation techniques. The use of MycoCompost will re-establish the beneficial mycorrhiza-plant root relationships, resulting in increased plant health and nutrient uptake. By using MycoCompost, the application of fertilisers and pesticides will be reduced in the agriculture, and within urbanforestry, the growth of city trees is improved. The development of MycoCompost is expected to result in a 3-fold increased in the demand for compost in the EU. The SME-proposers, a cornposting plant and a private production association of composting plants, are encouraged by the perspective of enlarged markets and of enhanced competition skills for the EU composting technology.

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