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Increase of apple fruit quality and size by genetically-controlled reduction of over-cropping


A major reason for low quality of apples is over-cropping. This means that apple trees produce lots of small apples that prevent good quality apples to grow normally. It is therefore essential for apple growers to stop over-cropping in their orchards, and adding chemical products or by hand removing deals this so far. This project aims at proposing a new method for apple growers to reduce over-cropping for the 'Golden Delicious' variety of apples. The idea is to find the most suitable pollinate of 'Golden Delicious'. This pollinate will prevent over-cropping and apple size; quality and storage ability will be improved. The main tasks of the project will be to carry out natural pollination, hand pollination and to study the compatibility of different varieties of apples. Once the most suitable pollinate(s) of 'Golden Delicious' will be found, a strategy for apple growers will be developed, so that they can exploit the results of this project in their own apple orchard.

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