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An advanced detection method of root-pathogens in greenhouses


Abstract The production losses due to pathogens and the amount of pesticide used have to be reduced. To achieve this, a new method based on DNA-technology to detect a broad range of pathogens will be developed. Corn pared to the temporary methods to detect pathogens, the new method is faster (2 days instead of 2 weeks), has a broader range (30 fungi, 15 bacteria and 15 viruses instead of individual pathogens), can be automated and is 50% cheaper. With the results of the detection method the most appropriate moment to apply an effective dose of a suitable pesticide will be determined. This procedure will result in a 30% diminished use of pesticides and a 10% enlarged yield. In this proposal the research is focussed on greenhouse crops in soil and artificial media, the method however will be suitable for all agricultural crops.

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