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Applying and maintaining the policy simulation version of the world agricultural trade simulation model (WATSIM)


The project WATSIM AMPS aims at supporting the EU Commission to identify its positions in the ongoing WTO negotiations on trade liberalisation on agricultural markets. The global trade model WATSIM is applied to project agricultural markets and to analyse the impact of current and alternative programmes of both the EU and major trading partners. The database particularly on policy measures will be improved, and model algorithms will be modified to reflect a broad set of policy scenarios. A base run will represent the most likely development of global agriculture until 2010. Policy scenarios will be defined, simulated and analysed in co-operation with the EU Commission. The project mainly relates to point 5.4 of the work programme of the fifth framework, stating the priority of "Pre-legislative research designed to provide a scientific basis for the Community legislation" in terms of "Community agriculture and the international context", and "CAP measures and related activities".


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