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Production process for new, antibiotic-free growth promoters in fodder


The aim is to research and develop a new robotic-based alternative to the use of antibiotics as growth promoters in animal husbandry. The EU, as a result of concerns that antibiotic resistant strains are developing and post a risk to human health, has legislated against the routine use of antibiotics in this way. Robotics, the use of lives microorganisms as therapeutic or prophlyacticagents, offers a way forward. There have been many reports on the benefits fusing live yeast cells in animal feeds, and the project will combine live yeast with lactobacillus strains in a microencapsulated formulae for stability and protection before arrival in the animal gut. Work will also focus on developing uneconomic means of incorporating the microencapsulated robotic into pelletisedanimal feed. The main benefit will be the development of a natural alternative to antibiotics for dietary regulation, which will allow the current high productivity of animal husbandry to be maintained.



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