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Innovative electronic distributyng system of manure for the farm, eliminating the environmental impact


The organic fluid (manure) is a natural fertiliser to the land and to the plant that support nitrogen and minerals. Actual agricultural productivity rates won't be possible without it. Nevertheless, badly dosed the manure can pollute the environment (so at atmospheric level at a frantic level) and burn the plant. Manure is even more important in ecological agriculture than in the traditional one, because it's the only fertiliser legally allowed. The control of dosage in the manure scattering machines is made mechanically and by hand, opening and closing the outlet depending on the tractor's speed, the pressure made by dung and the required dose per hectare. Nowadays, to fix the manure dose is not very exact. This control is made by the farmer who establishes the dose taking into account his experience, his soil (PH, % nitrogen, etc.), weather station and plant knowledge. The global objective of this project is to distribute the organic fluid answering to the agronomic needs, using the organic fluid as a fertiliser for the land and without any environmental impact in the atmosphere or in the level frantic. The specific objectives are the following:
- To define the dung parameters that define its soil and plant feeding properties, as pH, percentage of nitrogen content or percentage of mineral content.
- To develop the measuring systems of these pram...

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