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Electronic control of different working parameters of a dryer to improve the quality of harvests and to decrease energy requirements


In general, harvests, before being stored. Are quickly dried. Indeed, moisture is the main factor, which allows biological activity in any stored vegetal product, with a decrease in quality during storing. Actually, the measure of humidity, which persists in harvests at the end of drying, is made spot. This does not guarantee to produce lots that present a R.U. below the desired value in each part. With the application of electronic detectors in different points of the plant dryer, it is possible to check humidity and temperature in continuity and to pilot the flow of the harvests into the dryer jacket, obtaining a quick dried product with a R.U. that is below the desired value in each part. This solution may assure the quality of harvests and reduce the risk of fermentations and of mycotoxins production.

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