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Development of a model based decision support system to optimise nitrogen use in horticultural crop rotations across europe


Most fresh vegetable production within Europe relies heavily on large inputs of fertiliser or organic N sources to maintain the yield and quality of produce. Field vegetable crops often Use N inefficiently and leave large residues of N in the soil after harvest, which can cause damage to soil, water and aerial environments. This project will provide growers and policy makers with a decision support system for N management and rotational planning to optimise N use efficiency and economic sustainability in both conventional and organic systems of vegetable production across Europe. This will help Member States to:
a) minimise hazards to the environment (91/676/EEC) by adopting consistent approaches to improve efficiency of nitrogen use for different production systems and climatic regions of Europe; and
b) optimise production of quality crops while enhancing the economic sustainability of horticultural production.

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