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Establishing cryopreservation methods for conserving european plant germplasm collections


About 20, 000 plant species are believed to be endangered, rare and threatened with extinction. Their preservation is essential for classical and modern plant breeding programmes. Also, this biodiversity is a source of compounds for the pharmaceutical, food and crop protection industries. Conventionally, germplasm is conserved through seeds, roots, cuttings, etc. For long-term storage of plant germplasm, cry preservation is the only available method. Soar, cry preservation procedures were mainly developed based on empirical grounds. Hence, cry preservation of plant germplasm is still not a standardised method and depends on tissue and plant species/variety. This project aims to determine the necessary physic-biochemical state of any plant species/tissues needed for successful cry preservation. As such a generally applicable cry preservation protocol can be established and becomes available for all germplasm collections in Europe.

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