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Content archived on 2024-05-24

High-quality disease resistant apples for a sustainable agriculture


European apple production needs up to 20 fungicide sprays per year to cope with pathogens. All resistant varieties have poor fruit quality thus they are not well accepted by growers and consumers. Hydras aims at providing tools to combine resistance with fruit quality, leading to the diffusion of new resistant cultivars and to a remarkable reduction in fungicide use. In Hydras storability of apple fruit is studied to increase the competitiveness of European apples towards Southern Hemisphere countries. Hydras will provide the identification of alleles and linked genetic markers for the fruit traits that determine the success of cultivars. Innovative statistic and genetic approaches based on the exploitation of pedigrees of several Western and Eastern European breeding germplasm will be adopted. A well-concerted multidisciplinary approach including apple breeding, genetics, molecular biology, statistics and bioinfrmatics will ensure the achievement of the results.

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