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Improving and advancing co-ordination of forest research and development in europe


The objectives of this proposal are:
(a) promote the dialogue between EU and forest research community on the aims, needs and concepts of the 6th Framework Programme and ERA; and
(b) develop existing research structures in forest research to meet the demands of the 6th Framework Programme and ERA. This will be achieved through a series of co-ordination and planning meetings:
(I) an open seminar for the forest research community and EU on the 6th FP and ERA and the role of forest-related research in it;
(ii) a series of three workshops for existing research networks, aiming at creating an integrated innovative pan-European research network able to make a relevant contribution to the 6th FP and ERA; and to (iii) strengthen two existing individual research networks, with a special emphasis on regional research skills and multidisciplinary needs, interregional sustainable development and links between research, industry and end users.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


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