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7th international ;imb development and regeneration conference


We are intending to organise the 7th International Limb Development and Regeneration Conference in France in May 2000. This Conference will gather the leading experts in the field of limb development and regeneration together with clinicians dealing with limb dysmorphology.

Considerable progress has been achieved recently in the deciphering of signaling pathways involved in limb patterning and morphogenesis. The meeting will last for three full days and harbour six sessions that will cover the different aspects of our current knowledge of limb development, including initiation of the limb bud outgrowth, patterning, differentiation of cartilage and morphogenesis, regeneration, evolution, and genetics of dysmorphology. We thus expect to enhance interactions between scientists and with clinicians from different countries in and outside Europe.

Call for proposal

1999/C 64/13-5
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Rue Du Docteur Roux 25