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The assessment of non-smoked cannabis based medicine extracts (cbm-e) in treating osteoarthritis, chronic pain, depression and alzheimers in elderly patients.


Demographic ageing in Europe increases the need for effective medicines for diseases of the elderly. This proposal is to support the submission of a full collaborative RTD proposal to assess the efficacy of non-smoked cannabis based medicine extracts (CBM-E) in relieving osteoahritis symptoms and those of chronic pain, depression and Alzheimer's disease. Patients, doctors and Grin spoon all report sign incant medical benefit from cannabis in osteoarthritis so justifying this CBM.E trial. The SME co-ordinator has UK Home Office licenses to research and develop CBM-E. The project involves toxicology testing and an early Phase 2 clinical trial in 6 European centres N=1 trial design will be used where each patient acts as their own control. This allows several conditions to be assessed with the same protocol by selecting different sets of outcome measures. Existing osteoarthritis treatments are inadequate and may have fatal side effects. This project would improve osteoarthritis treatment, increase quality of life and encourage the social integration of patients. Trial results will be disseminated to patients, medical professionals and the public.

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