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Development of a new therapy for parkinson's disease


I have known Dr. Roland Vogel since his time as a brilliant undergraduate student of biochemistry. Later he joined my laboratory as graduate student and continued as a postdoc for almost one more year. As undergraduate and graduate student he was always in the top 10% of his year. His solid and important thesis work in my laboratory brought important new basic insights into brain metabolism. This work led to 3 publications in international refereed journals. Dr. Roland Vogel is an excellent researcher, both at the theoretical and the experimental level. Due to these high qualities and his impressive motivation for engaging himself in high-level scientific work he can be duly expected to continue as a very successful scientists and achieve highly relevant scientific results. The host laboratory is among the handful of top laboratories in molecular biology of the nervous system in Europe. Work in Dr. Jacques Mallet's laboratory will ideally complement the know-how necessary for generating animal models of neural diseases. This will constitute an ideal basis for becoming an independent researcher heading his own research group in the future.


Boulevard De L'hôpital 83 Cervi
75013 Paris