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Oculomotor function and self-motion perception in the elderly


An increasing number of elderly citizens are mainstreaming today in everyday life. For the elderly, as for the younger, mobility is an essential component of their quality of life. This project examines physiological, pathophysiological, behavioural and anatomical factors in humans and non-human primates to describe psychological and organic deficits leading to shortcomings in movement perception in the elderly and in patients. Experimental situations will simulate obstacle appearance and vehicle driving situations under kinetic conditions, i.e. with the need to react within a given time frame. Human symptoms will be re-elaborated in comparable experiments in microlesioned and older non-human primates. The results will be used to propose and develop ergonomic training and rehabilitation programs to prevent falls in the elderly and to prolong their skills in vehicle driving. The programs will emphasize active and anticipatory behaviour rather than passive avoidance measures with the aim to allow the growing population of senior citizens in the European Union to retain their individual mobility and thus be able to continue to lead a fulfilling and satisfactory life.

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