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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Modular sys. For reliability and maintanability management in European rail transport


The REMAIN project aims to create practical and realistic methods and tools for evaluation as RAM (Reliability, Availability and Maintainability) in railway systems.
The conceptual idea pursued by the project is :
A. To define requirements for railway components crucial for the safety and efficiency of rail transport on a European basis.
B. To develop a modular framework for the collection and the retrieval of status-indicative information from these components in a sound database with the option of its usage also independently of the consecutive modules.
C. To specify and develop modules for railway specific communication and diagnostic methods for a centralized acquisition of status information on the crucial components.
D. To use up-to-date information in combination with historical data for the prediction of future statuses and the strategic planning of maintenance operations
E. To design a modular and open system architecture allowing the user-friendly configuration of only those modules of the whole tool package which are needed under boundary conditions being specific for different European railway systems.
F. To realize a demonstrator by giving advice in the realization of a realistic diagnostic system for infrastructure and by using it as a test bed for the principal applicability of specified methods.
G. To establish application groups with international organization and industrial participation in the exploitation of the results of the research study and of the specification of requirements and demonstrator

Main expected deliverables and status (C, R or P)*

1. Revised Detailed Workplan (P)
2. User Requirement Document (P)
3. Description of the Method (P)
4. Comparison with the Demonstrator (P)

*C = Confidential R = Restricted P = Public

Deadlines for deliverables

Rp1 - To + 3
Rp2 - To + 7
Rp3 - To + 10
Rp4 Final - To + 15

Call for proposal

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