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MANICORAL involves an existing group of European researchers who analyse satellite date to predict climatic changes. They will collaborate with supercomputer researchers, who are experimenting with methods of presenting large volumes of information in an understandable way, and with human factors specialists who examine the effect of telematics systems on group working. The results of the project will improve the use of network services by researchers, and enhance the understanding of the large amounts of information generated by current experimental and observation facilities.

General objective is to explore, develop, implement and evaluate a Computer Supported Co-operative Work system (CSCW) among a geographically distributed European research group.

The consortium is interdisciplinary and consists of

- the user group, AFRICAR(Altimetry for Research in Climate And Resources), a group of geoscientist investigating the use and exploitation of radar Altimetry data. They aim to enhance collaboration through use of CSCW tools, and enhance access to scientific methods, results and raw data.

- The Human Communications, Cooperation and Cognition (HCCC) group, from the humanistic and social sciences, comprises experts in human computer interaction. They will develop a conceptual and methodological framework for studying, analysing and specifying requirements for a CSCW system for scientific cooperation. They will also evaluate the constitutive influence of collaborative technologies on a research community, focusing on communication, cooperation, cognition, learning and scientific knowledge

- Rutherford Appleton Laboratories (RAL), the technology providers, will provide a system for distributed cooperative visualisation (DCV) based on the requirements specified by HCCC, and building on the visualisation systems already used by AFRICAR and the existing CSCW toolset supported and enhanced by the Telematics MERCI project.

Anticipated results:

- a system for distributed cooperative visualisation of complex information sets

- improved and uniform access to distributed domain data

- improved understanding of group collaboration and cooperation in a distributed context

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