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The purpose of MERCI is to support joint research and technological development by deploying better tools for multimedia collaboration in Europe. Existing toolsets will be made easier for untrained personnel to use, with better quality audio, video and shared workspace facilities, and better support for multimedia applications in conferences. Distributed measurement, monitoring and control will be another important feature, as will improve privacy in conferencing. Verification, both within MERCI and other telematics projects, will include regular research seminars and industrial trials with commercial organisations.

The objective of the project is to provide all the technology components, other than the data network itself, to support collaborative RTD through the deployment of enhanced tools for European multimedia collaboration in Europe. The project will improve existing toolsets developed by the collaborators in many important aspects:

- Better integration of the facilities, and therefore more easily useable by untrained users;

- Better capability for higher quality video, audio and shared workspace facilities;

- Inter-operable cross-platform support for many systems - UNIX workstations, PCs and MACs

- Better support for the introduction and recording of multimedia information in conferences;

- Support for different network technologies - mainly over IP: packet-switched, ATM or SMDS and ISDN;

- Inter-operation between workstations running the multicast Internet and the normal CCITT procedures;

- Facilities for secure conferencing - with easy distribution of keys and information;

- Distributed measurement, monitoring and control

Verification activities will be pursued both inside the project and in other Telematics projects:

- Regular research seminars given from the sites of the partners - and from North America

- Annual interactive workshops in invasive surgery given at UCL - transmitted internationally, and with some operations coming from other countries;

- Industrial trials with commercial organisations including our sponsoring partners Hewlett Packard & Shell

- Use in the research community, including by our sponsoring partner UKERNA and by other Telematics projects including MANICORAL and COBROW.

Besides tools from earlier EU projects, it will utilise results from concurrent Telematics projects:

- Security tools from the ICE-TEL and the Distributed Shared Visualisation tool from MANICORAL.

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