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Urban planning studies with new PV/Thermal building components


In the project three major urban planning projects in Spain, France and Germany will be realised with the objective of maximising the renewable energy uptake.
The architect bureaus MBM / Spain, Chatillon / France and IBUS / Germany co-operate with research institutes (GENEC/France, Egle Institute/Germany and ZSW/Germany) and with component manufacturers (TFM/Spain, Grammer/Germ. and Alcan/France) to develop a planning concept, which optimises both the energy requirements of the buildings as well as the energy production through active components.
New building components will be developped in the project, which provide both electricity (from PV modules) and warm air (from thermal collectors) in one building component. Cost reduction, adaptation to national building standards, ease of handling on the building site and esthetics will be the criteria for the component design. As a result, autonomous building components with a clearly defined interface to the building (small inverters for AC electricity output and standard connections of air collectors to the ventilation system) will be available and tested in a prototype series. The range of new PV/thermal building components will be a result of the requirements of all three urban planning projects, two of which are concerned with social housing, and the third with 135.000 mz of university buildings, allowing more unconventional design solutions.
The working process of the urban planning will be documented and commented. As a result of the detailed planning process, guidelines for maximising the use of renewable energy building components in large architectural projects will be published and disseminated.


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