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A study of the integration of wind energy into the National Energy Systems of Denmark, Wales and Germany as illustrations of success stories for renewable energy


Three parallel studies are to be carried but by teams working in Denmark, Germany and Wales (GB) which will review the important issues relevant to the successful implementation of wind energy technology in these countries. By using these three studies to determine how institutional, financial, social, economic, agricultural and other issues have assisted in the rapid implementation of wind energy in these countries and at the same time using them to identify any barriers which may restrict further growth of this development, we will firstly derive a template which may be used to carry out other similar studies in other regions of the European Union but importantly to determine what lessons might be learned that may be utilized to 'encourage' the implementation and commercialisation of other renewable energy technologies including photovoltaics and biomass. We believe for example that the legislative framework and financial support mechanisms have been fundamentally important in enabling such a rapid deployment of wind energy in these 3 countries. Each of the 3 countries has chosen a different mix of legislation and financial support but each has been successful. From an examination of these legislative and financial mechanisms we hope to identify the most successful framework that may be emulated by other EU member states to support the commercialisation of Renewable Energies at the minimum if not zero net cost to the State. Each of the 3 studies will use the same template and include sections on the following: - Review of the regional resource and potential both theoretical and practical.
- planning and environmental considerations as they have constrained the resource and may constrain it in the future.
- Electricity system considerations as including the way the grid constrains utilization of the resource and the impact that reinforcement has on the size and cost.
- Economic considerations.
- Legal frameworks.
- Financial mechanisms.
- Public opinion.
- Planning Gain involving jobs.
A more complete description is given on the attached sheets.


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