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Content archived on 2024-04-19

The potential for solar assisted cooling in southern European countries


The present proposal addresses the first priority topic within the APAS program "Integration of Renewable Energies in European Regions". The growth of peak power demand due to conventional air conditioning units multiply the negative environmental impact associated both with their use and with the production of electricity needed to power them, together with the fact that cooling is needed the most when the solar energy is mostly available, leads us to propose, to evaluate the technical availability of solar thermal technology optimally matched to cooling technologies (absorption and desiccant cooling), in order to be able to study the true potential of these technologies in Southern European countries. In particular those regions will be considered where summer temperatures are high and purchase of conventional air conditioning units has been growing in the last few years, namely in Southern Spain (Andaluzia) and in Southern portugal (Alentejo e Algarve).
The proposal will point to recent advances in solar collector technologies (for instance CPC collectors), in cooling technologies and to aspects of these technologies where further work is needed, in order to give an orientation for future efforts in R&D programs, on demonstration projects and on establishing a wide European market for this technology.


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