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Outdoor to make maximum use of insular renewable energy installations to implement-planning of a renewable energy technological park


In this project, a ready-to-implement plan for a renewable energy technological park at Granadilla (Tenerife-Spain) will be elaborated. The selection of the site where the training activities will take place has been carried out based on the ideal conditions that this area offers to the aims of the project. There is a high availability of solar radiation and wind in this site and there is also a good infrastructure of outside and inside communications.
Nowadays, the wind platform is formed by 9 windturbines (2.68 MW) of different technical characteristics, as well as 28 kW PV. This variety of technologies makes feasible a wide possibility of studies.In addition the increasing tourist demand of the island has made possible the establishment of excellent communications with all the European and developing countries. Moreover, there is a lack of training possibilities for renewable energy operators, developers and users that combine training on integration of several renewable energy technologies. Experimentation on renewable energy integration is difficult and up to now no installation in Europe offers experimentation possibilities on a broad range of integration situations. Futhermore, the large public is little aware of the possibilities of renewable energies. This program offers solutions to solve these problems.
The renewable technological center planned in this project will become an important instrument to accelerate the large-scale integration of renewable in European Regions. The experimentation possibilities for integrated renewable systems will stimulate the development of renewable energy systems for regional integration. The major aim is focused on the transformation and extension of existing renewable energy installations into a multifunctional park, serving as a showcase and outdoor laboratory of renewable energy technology. The renewable energy installations will be used for experimentation and training on the integration of renewable energy at regional scale, addressing operators, developers and users of renewable energy systems. Secondly, the renewable energy technology park will serve as an awareness stimulating information center in one of the most tourist areas of Europe.


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