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Development of water desalination plant through RO powered by wind energy in the island of Patmos (Gr)


The increase of population as well as the increase of the water demand, in areas like the Mediterranean Islands, have as a result the significant problem of water shortage. The need in fresh water during the course of the year in these islands presents a variation in figures, since the consumption of water during the peak seasons (summertime) increases dramatically, primarily due to tourism. The respective project is seeking to materialise the assessment of water needs and Renewable Energies (RE) potential in the Mediterranean Islands along with the feasibility study and the commissioning of a desalination pilot plant, which will be powered by Wind Energy. A system as such comes as a response to the water shortage problems that are present in the island of Patmos-Greece.
More specifically, this particular project concerns the development of a desalination system which is operated through Reverse Osmosis. In addition, a Wind Generator will be installed in the island in order to form a hybrid system with the diesel gen-sets of the existing autonomous power station operated by the PPC. The power generation evolving from the wind turbine will partially cover the desalination demands, while the excess energy will be used in order to cover the needs of the island's electricity consumption. The wind potential has been found in a good level from the economic and technical point of view, as far as the power generation is concerned, and it is economically attractive enough to supply the desalination plant. The locally produced energy (by diesel gen-sets) has an elevated cost, and this is a barrier for the existence of any desalination system. The scheme seems to be a satisfactory solution since the Mediterranean islands do not offer any conventional resources but are rather rich in non-conventional resources. The upcoming results of this project will be used as a future reference for any other projects that will take place within the framework of Programme 4 of the DG Xll,


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