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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Saline- Ostia Antica. Urban planning of a social area in the suburbs of Rome maximizing the use of renewable energies, respecting the environement and with the objective of reaching the "zero-emission town"


"SALINE - OSTIA ANTICA" - Urban Planning of a social area in the suburbs of Rome The recent urbanization area of "Saline - Ostia Antica" has developed as a superimposition over the agricultural reclamation system of the 19th century and it is based upon a spontaneous nonauthorized organization typical of Rome's primary-subsistence surburbs through low-cost and self-made buildings.
Starting from this situation, strongly characterized by an individualistic land use in proximity of an area of historical and archeological value (historic center of Ostia Antica) and by a productive agricultural structure, the proposal is aimed to achieve the following: an integration rather than an opposition with the preexisting agricultural and environmental system still in use; a valorization of the environmental and territory-preservation resources obtained through conservation, strenghthening and efficiency of the hydrogeological system, survival matrix of the area; the use of water regulation.
A fundamental role in the development strategies for urban planning and architecture should be assigned to the primary resource of Renewable Energies.
At building level the proposal is based on the contemporaneity of operations realized on the environmental and building microclimate, and on the integration of a number of energy-resource creation, increase and utilization "systems": from solar sources, through thermoenergetical and photovoltaic conversion, from eolic sources, through the use of small-size aero-generators, through the reduction of energy needs and consumptions in existing and new buildings (conservation, active and passive solar systems), through the control of the local microclimate.
At urban level the proposal is based on the following: component design and innovative tecnologies; strategic integration of urban, district, quarter distribution networks within the system, water and waste disposal cicles; social and community rewelding and resuming program in the creation of energetic Power Station polarities and the Ecological Ecostation as a propulsion factor of the life and development of the settlement. The operative instruments to utilize will be a "Quadro Urban Plan" for the control of the correct placement of this operation within a territorial context of appropriate scale; a "Detailed Urban Plan" of the area "Saline - Ostia Antica" to which energetical and urban-planning choices and solutions will be referred; a diffusion program for the users regarding the results reached aimed at a purpose of education and welding of the social community on objectives of environmental value and interest.
Both Plans will be accompanied by a regulation appendix according to the national law that should guarantee the future management.


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