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Content archived on 2024-04-19

European network to integrate renewable energy into water production


As quality of life on earth and economic development depend heavily on water, its importance is being increasingly recognized, together with the fact that it is becoming a scarce resource. Water production is considered as a possible solution to the water shortage problem faced in many areas in the world but is also confronted by environmental and economic issues, to a large extent due to the associated high energy requirements. It is also a fact that in most arid areas there is usually at least one potential source of renewable energy.
Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources for water production has the potential of lowering costs while providing long term sustainability. However, the variability in strength and the intermittent nature of RES pose many problems when integrating them with desalination processes which by their nature are better to be operated continuously under steady state conditions.
RTO networking is expected to facilitate the advancement of the interdisciplinary field of renewable energy water production.
Purpose of the proposed project is to address these issues by: - Establishing a Network of Competent organizations involved in various aspects of water production and Renewable Energy utilization - Estimating the potential of utilizing renewable energy sources for water production in selected Mediterranean areas
- Pinpointing to the technical problems faced when interfacing the desalination processes with the renewable energy sources and addressing solution approaches and further R&D requirements
- Performing pilot studies for two hybrid island electricity and water production systems to be built in Greece.
The composition of the network to be established (R&D Centers, Government Organizations, Utilities, Industrial Suppliers), provides for the necessary interdisciplinary approach to the subject as well as the appropriate dissemination and promotion of the project findings and results.


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