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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Energy packages for municipalities, islands and regions for the creation of new structures using renewable energies


In the future, municipalities and regions will have to pay increasing attention to the minimization of emissions and the avoidance of hazardous residual matter. In the long term, this objective can be achieved durably only through the large-scale use of renewable energy sources. For the use of maximum quantities the various kinds of renewable energy sources have to be used in a decentralized manner according to their local availability. The project proposed is meant to provide comprehensive concepts - "energy packages" - that can be applied for municipalities, islands and regions of small to medium extension under varied basic conditions. The software-aided concepts will take into consideration not only highly divergent climate and vegetation conditions which are known to have a strong impact on the availability of renewable energy sources. They will also take into consideration the present supply situation and the economic and social structure. Thus, an improvement of the economic structure and social conditions using marketing strategies, energy services and structure concepts is to be achieved hand in hand with the improvement of the environmental situation through an energy supply that is free from pollutants and residual matter (supply and disposal concepts). Hence, the ultimate objective is, as a whole, the improvement of quality of life with the help of renewable energies.
The energy packages will provide detailed technological and organizational instructions for the creation of an advanced innovative energy infrastructure based on the use of renewable energies and rational energy application. In selected pilot projects, novel technologies (preferably in the field of biomass use) undergo trials for efficiency and marketability. Apart from model locations in member countries of the European Union, the regions of Chernobyl and Cachamarcha in the peruvian highlands which are burdened with very specific problems, are to be included in the studies in order to prove the general validity of the energy packages wordwide.


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