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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Recycling and upgrading of mixed plastics waste from public collection and industrial, private and public sorting.


To upgrade mixed plastics waste and improve the separation techniques for a better optimization of the processes.
The recycling of mixed thermoplastic waste was studied. To evaluate the possibility of separation of the mixed wastes (household waste and carpet waste) in order to obtain upgraded raw materials the following 2 concepts were studied:
a simple sink float separation which gives a mixture of polyolefines (the processability of this mixture can be improved by the use of the compatiblizers BENNET);
new selective solvatation techniques to produce clean and separated fractions (adequate processing techniques).

To produce objects from polyolefine mixtures, the blending with the compatibilizer BENNET was shown to be most important, because it is the key factor to obtain suitable physical properties for the products.
In a special treatment plant it was found that from carpet wastes one can produce a low grade product. So far none of these recycling products can compete with those from primary raw materials.
Technical and economical optimization of the collection and sorting of waste.
Sampling and classification of the waste to be tested.
Preliminary treatment of the waste.
Experiments using injection-compression only.
Experiments with compatibilizers:
industrial waste, carwaste, composites, electric appliances containing PVC and PET;
post-consumer waste.
Specific tests on new products.
Definition of the application fields.


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