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Exploitable results

New glass fibre reinforced composites have been developed based on cement matrices which are modified by the addition of active mineral fillers or polymers. A matrix of portland cement with good metakaolinite performs better than ordinary glass fibre reinforced cement (GRC) after curing and after different accelerated aging tests, such as hot water, wet dry cycling, freeze thawing or carbonation. Impact and fatigue tests in bending, before and after ageing, confirm the good strain capacity of the new composite. The presence of acrylic polymer in the matrix has a significant positive effect on the water absorption of the composite. The analysis of the mechanical and acoustic responses of the new composite subjected to increasing amplitude cycles in third point bending tests confirms the high durability of the material. It has been confirmed that the addition of selected highly reactive metakaolinite to the cementitious matrix limits the anchorage of alkali resistant glass fibres in the paste and thus preserves the strain capacity of the composite with time.

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