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Lipase determination is at least as useful as amylase in the diagnosis of pancreatic disease. Methodology for lipase assay is however currently less developed. Serum lipase is less widely implemented. About 25 % of the European clinical chemistry laboratories perform this analysis probably because of methodological difficulties.

The project aims at preparing purified lipase by two routes : a conventional purification procedure from pancreatic juice and employing the techniques of cell and molecular biology. Methodological investigations will also be conducted for assigning a value to the lipase concentration in the enzyme material.


Purification work is in progress. By the conventional purification procedure of pancreatic juice, a purified lipase could be obtained. The enzyme appears to be more than 95 % pure and its catalytic activity seems stabilized. In parallel, assay conditions for pancreatic lipase are being established using a continuous pH-stat technique. Work is also in progress using genetic engineering. The human lipase cDNA has been cloned in an eukaryotic expression vector. This recombinant vector was used to transform V79 and CHO cells. Future efforts will focus on the characterization of these cell lines in terms of lipase production. Completion of the project is expected in 1993.


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