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Human prolactin (PRL) is a polypeptide hormone also secreted by the pituitary. Its role is mainly related to the control of lactation and gonadal function. Serum prolactin has been found elevated in some women with breast cancer. High concentrations of serum prolactin are a clear indication of a pituitary tumour.

The objective of the project is to help harmonize results of assays of prolactin in serum. The project will involve intercomparison studies in the first instance to assess currently used assay methods. It should later evolve in the same direction as project no 320 on LH.


In 1988 an interlaboratory study was launched between 21 laboratories to determine PRL in different serum samples. The results showed that the mean values for the various method groups are in satisfactory agreement with the all laboratory consensus mean. Work may start in a similar way to the one for LH and FSH when the studies on LH are completed.


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