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The Community pays aid of 35% to the skim milk powder used in animal feed. The addition of rennet whey powder (the dried lactose serum remaining after removal of fat and precipitation of proteins for cheese manufacture) is specifically forbidden.

Assuming an average price of 2.3 ECU/kg skim milk powder, approximately 1E9 ECU of Community funds is involved. Even if only 1% of the total amount of milk powder is adulterated the loss to the Community would be around 10 million ECU.

There are at present, two HPLC methods available for the detection of rennet whey solids in skim milk and buttermilk powder but they have several disadvantages.

The objective of the project is the development of a rapid, highly specific reversed phase HPLC-method for the accurate determination of the content of rennet whey solids in milk powders which is not influenced by the ratio of the a and b variants of the glycomacropeptides in the sample.


Work on a feasibility study for preparation of glycomacropeptides a and b in large amounts as reference materials is in hand.

A study for identification of the best extraction and clean-up method variations for determination of a and b glycomacropeptides will be finished soon.

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