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Content archived on 2024-06-12

Automated and robotics-based techniques. New solutions for road construction and maintenance


The ART Project aims at exploring the potential for introducing Automated and Robotics-based Techniques for road construction and maintenance (RICM) and pave the way for wider adoption of these technologies to the benefit of:
a) road users,
b) road management authorities,
c) European manufacturers and
d) road construction industry.

ART techniques and technology have the potential to reduce the time required for RICM operations by 30-50% as well as the physical space required for such operations. The effects of such reduction in time and space requirements for RICM operations are:
a) reduced operational costs,
b) reduced environmental impact,
c) reduced accidents,
d) reduced delays to users,
e) better quality and scheduling of RICM operations.

The application of ART will result in lower cost and increased flexibility for RICM operation. This will give the opportunity to road administrators to allocate the limited funds available in a more efficient manner, ensuring a better maintained and safer existing road network and increased efficiency in the construction of new road related infrastructure.

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