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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Analysis and development of tools for assessing traffic demand management strategies


In recent years, different Traffic Demand Management (TDM) strategies have been studied in various European pilot projects. However, there is a lack of appropriate assessment tools. The design of TDM strategies requires the appropriate use of most relevant software tools (adequately integrated) in order to best fulfill the priorities of the Common Transport Policy. Although Europe has taken a leading role in the development of such assessment tools, these tools have generally been developed within individual national projects, aiming to meet the needs of respective EU member states. There is a lack of consensus of which tools are most appropriate for assessing TDM strategies at a European level. Moreover, intermodal aspects have not been sufficiently considered by the assessment tools developed so far.
To overcome these gaps, the project TASTe aims
- to identify common requirements and objectives for assessing TDM policies and strategies, with particular consideration of relevant recommendations of the European Commissions Transport Green Papers;
- to review and classify the existing TDM assessment tools;
- to identify gaps or inadequacies in the currently available tools, and to modify available tools to better meet the requirements for the assessment of European TDM policies and strategies and to integrate selected TDM Assessment tools in a toolbox;
- to carry out and to document case studies to test adapted and integrated assessment tools;
- to provide guidance, validated through collaboration with a TASTe User Group, to use of the best available TDM assessment software tools;
- to elaborate guidelines for an appropiate use of the developed toolbox and as a common European framework for the assessment of TDM policies and strategies;
- to elaborate tasks for further research and development in this field.

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