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Content archived on 2024-05-07

European Road Mobility Scenarios


1.The projects goal is to develop mobility scenarios as a tool for evaluating future mobility trends and the impacts on policies and services. The scenarios will demonstrate the mobility behavior of different user segments in a limited number of European conurbations.
Some of the relevant data will be on national basis and some on the conurbation level. The data will be input in a data base. Simple models will ensure the comparability of the data. Since only a portion of the required data is qualitative and some data can not be compared accurately, the scenario description will be qualitative in nature.
2.The scenarios will allow an assessment of the market potential of different mobility services and a means for understanding the user's requirements on available transport options. This assessment will ensure a market oriented view. Much of the existing data is available with the partners and will be combined with data from fed in from other EC projects.
3.The scenarios will also allow an evaluation of transport policies with respect to if and how their goals can be achieved. The goals concerning sustainable mobility are already known along with the actions considered possible by policy decision takers. The primary focus concerns the regional/national comparisons of the effects of various policies on mobility.
- The project will bring a market oriented assessment into the policy decision process. The automotive industry will exchange their knowledge and experience in mobility issues with other main actors (mobility operators, researchers, etc.) during the proje

Bordeaux, Munich, Turin, Barcelona, Gothenburg and Southampton
For scenario data and methodological input (including participation in joint scientific committee): SCENARIOS (DG VII,1.1.2/10A + 11A + 12A + 13); STREAMS (DG VII, 1.1.2/11A + 12A) For exchange of information: SCENES (DG VII), AUTO OIL II-program For results exchange and input of mobility market surveys and evaluations: MOTIF (DG VII, 5.2/15); INTRAMUROS (DG VII, 5.1.1/3 + 5.2/15); Telematics projects of DG XIII (e.g.EUTRACS) For policie's evaluation input: OPTIMA (DG VII, 5.4/23); SESAME (DG VII, 5.1.1/1 + 2)

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