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Content archived on 2024-06-12

Costs of private road travel and their effects on demand, including short and long term elasticities


1. to understand and demonstrate the relationship between costs (both time and money) and the demand for car travel (long and short term);
2. to produce a comprehensive review of empirical and modelling evidence of time and cost elasticities and 'values-of-time' (long and short term);
3. to produce an easy to use Elasticity Handbook to include values for elasticities for a range of 'prototypical contexts', for the assessment of first order impacts on car travel demand at different planning levels.
The objectives will be achieved by means of a comprehensive review of available research concerning the relationship between costs and other factors affecting car travel demand. The review focuses on the empirical and modelling evidence on elasticities of time and costs and on evidence on value-of-time. Evidence of indications of the influence of means of payment and actual and perceived costs will be sought in the course of these investigations.
The core of the project is the generation of short and long term elasticities for a large set of 'prototypical contexts'. These contexts are designed to represent a range of European demographic and socio-economic circumstances, types of population, levels of urbanisation and different levels of competitive positions of different transport models, amongst other variables. The project will also investigate and design a framework for the introduction of the time dimension into the transport theory.
To generate the elasticities three existing state-of-the-art transport forecasting systems and land use/transportation models will be used. A comprehensive overview of long and short term elasticies, presented in the form of Elasticity Handbook, allows the estimation of the first order impacts on car travel demand of policies which affect travel time and costs.

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