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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Segmentation for Transport in Markets using latent user psychological structures


Successful implementation of traffic management measures to establish an efficient communication between decision takers, transport users and citizens is crucial. Conventional classifications have proved not to reflect similarities in decision taking processes well.


1. Particular types of users, representing market segments will be classified (Conventional classifications). Their interests, attitudes/motivators and behaviour towards communications of transport information and transport management measures, the implications of mobility restriction and attitudes and understanding of environmental and external costs will be identified.

2. New categories of users according to underlying psychological processes will be identified, and these will be cross-tabulated with known demographic and end-user types. Interests, attitudes/motivators and behaviour of these newly defined cross-category groups towards traffic and transport management measures will then be identified as well as the implications of mobility restrictions and attitudes/understanding of environmental costs.

3. Information systems, policies and strategies will be assessed for their level of acceptance or rejection by different user groups according to both methods of classification. Risk in planning will be reduced by enabling information systems, policies and strategies to be assessed for the reasons for their acceptance or rejection by different user groups according to those groups' perceptions of the social and environmental 'cost' of transport, (pollution, infrastructure etc.)

4. The extent to which information systems in the study contribute to, or are associated with opportunities for will be assessed:
Better and safer travel, travel planning, transparency and user-friendliness of systems.

5. To make the results relevant and accessible to decision-makers at all levels (e.g. European, national, local).

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