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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Size-selected clusters on solid surfaces


The subject of this project is the investigation of the electronic and structural properties of size-selected small particles (clusters of 1- 100 atoms) deposited on well-characterized solid surfaces. The interest extends also to the interaction of small particles with chemically actives gases. The clusters will be produced by high-energy ion-sputtering (30 KeV, 10mA),
they will be size-selected by a paul-mass filter and they will be soft -landed by an ion-optical system. This cluster source enables the creation of small particles of practically all elements. The electronic, structural and catalytic properties will be studied by surface sensitive techniques, i.e. high-resolution (0.3eV) x-ray photoemission (XPS), high-resolution (10meV) ultraviolet photoemission (UPS) and atomic-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy/sepctroscopy (STM). With this project it is hoped to
contribute to a better understanding of cluster size-dependent properties like crystal growth, catalysis and electronic phase transitions (e.g. insulator-metal).


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