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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Numerical and experimental investigation of oscillating flow around a circular cylinder


The purpose of the present project is the investigation of the flow field around a circular cylinder in oscillating flow. Oscillating flow occurs when the direction of the approaching stream varies sinusoidally, as happens in a wave environment. The subject of interest is twofold; the pattern of the
flow field around the cylinder and the hydrodynamic forces imposed on it, in the direction and normally to the free stream. Moreover, if the cylinder is elastically mounted, so as to move in line only, the action of the fluctuating drag force is very likely to cause oscillations in line with the free stream. These oscillations may have destructive effects on structures immersed in a wave environment.

The investigation will comprise two parts; the computational, where the solution of the governing equations of the problem will be attempted using a numerical technique, and the experimental, in which the phenomenon will be simulated in the laboratory. To confirm the validity of the numerical solution, the experimental investigation of the problem will be performed at
similar conditions. The experimental work will comprise flow visualization techniques, and measurements of the fluid velocity and the response of the cylinder.


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