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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Atmospheric input of natural and anthropogenic organic compounds to the Mediterranean Sea


Although it is now well known that the atmosphere is an important transport path for naturally and synthetically produced chemical speoies found in the ocean, the relative importance of eolian and riverine input of continental material into the sea is still an open question. There are a few studies on aerosol transport for the Western Mediterranean. The proposed project aims to study the impact of input of organic compounds at the East Mediterranean Sea (Island of Crete). In order to accomplish this goal an organic compound biological source marker approach coupled with an anthropogenic compound tracer approach will be used to study the water column, gaseous and particulate material as well as core sediments of the Proposed location. The proposed study, combined with the results obtained in Western Mediterranean, will improve our knowledge of biogeochemical processes and fluxes in in relation to natural and anthropogenic inputs of chemicals to oceans.


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University of Crete
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Leoforos Knossou
71409 Heraklion

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