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Optics in biomedicine and environmental science


An intensive course has been provided on the science of and techniques based on advanced optical methods for the protection and improvement of life and environment. Areas covered included optical techniques applied to the analysis, treatment, protection, survey and diagnosis of living systems and the environment.
Topics covered in the biomedical field included: laser types and systems; optical image farming and processing techniques; optical metrology; laser scanning microscopy; laser Doppler velocimetry; laser spectroscopy; laser tissue interaction; photodynamic therapy; laser lithotripsy; laser angioplasty; lasers in ophthalmology; laser surgery and fibre optical delivery systems for surgery.
Optical fibre sensors were also considered within the scope of optoelectronic biosensors and devices, and optoelectronic environmental sensors and devices.
Other areas covered were optical metrology for diagnostic imaging, remote sensing and laser satellite ranging.

Reference: This entry describes a scientific course or conference sponsored by the European Economic Community (EEC).

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